Discover the success stories behind our commercial roofing projects through our comprehensive case studies. From challenging installations to innovative solutions, each study showcases our expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to client satisfaction. Explore how we’ve tackled diverse roofing challenges, exceeded expectations, and delivered exceptional results for businesses across various industries. Whether it’s a complex repair, a large-scale installation, or a sustainability initiative, our case studies offer insights into our proven track record of excellence in commercial roofing.

Solving Condensation Challenges in Insulation Systems

Project Overview: A large school gymnasium in a humid climate had a history of leaks, leading to water damage, energy inefficiencies and event disruption.  Despite many repair attempts by previous roofing companies, the leaks persisted.  

The leak was certainly puzzling.  Sometimes it would leak during a rain, but not every time.  And, sometimes it would leak with barely any rain at all.  The problem seemed to go away during the colder months but was frequent during the warmer months.

Our team, led by an in-house Professional Engineer and Registered Roof Consultant, was tasked with addressing this critical issue.

Solution: Utilizing advanced thermal and moisture analysis, combined with understanding how air migration, humidity, and dew point work together, we identified the root cause of the issue to be condensation within the insulation system. By redesigning the (roof) insulation system with high-performance materials, proper placement of the air/vapor barrier and integrating a custom ventilation solution, we eliminated condensation risks, enhancing the building’s energy efficiency and prolonging the roof’s lifespan.

Outcome: Our expert approach not only resolved the existing water damage and energy loss issues but also prevented future condensation problems, demonstrating the value of having specialized engineering expertise in commercial roofing projects.

Engineering Roofs to Withstand Wind Uplift Using ASCE 7

Project Overview: In a hurricane-prone region, a new commercial building required a roofing system designed to withstand extreme wind uplift pressures. Our in-house Professional Engineer used the ASCE 7 standards to calculate precise wind uplift pressures specific to the project’s location, shape, height and area.

Solution: After conducting a detailed analysis of wind uplift loading, we designed a custom roofing system featuring enhanced attachment methods and materials capable of resisting the calculated pressures. Our comprehensive understanding of wind dynamics and roofing materials ensured the roof’s integrity under extreme conditions.

Outcome: The completed project not only met but exceeded local building codes for wind uplift resistance, ensuring the safety and security of the building’s occupants and assets. This case underscores the importance of specialized engineering knowledge in developing resilient roofing solutions.

Optimizing Drainage Systems for Maximum Rainfall Management

Project Overview: A new commercial complex required a complex, yet efficient drainage system to manage heavy rainfall events, as mandated by the building code. The challenge was to design a system that could handle the specific rain events of the area without compromising the aesthetic and functional integrity of the building, and controlling the discharge in a way that didn’t negatively impact the surrounding environment.

Solution: Leveraging our in-house professional engineer’s expertise, we designed a comprehensive drainage system that included both gutter/downspouts and roof drains, customized to the building’s architecture and local rainfall data. Our approach involved advanced hydraulic calculations to ensure the system would efficiently manage water flow during peak rainfall, preventing overflow and water damage.

Outcome: The implemented drainage solution effectively managed rain events, protecting the property from water-related issues and met all regulatory requirements. This project highlighted the advantage of having an engineering expert who can tailor drainage designs to specific environmental and architectural needs.

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