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We believe a smarter roof is a stronger roof.

Our goal is to help you make the best roofing choices to protect your building and operations for many years ahead. Roof Technology Partners is one of the very few companies that have a registered roof consultant and engineer on staff. Why? We believe that knowing which roofing system to install is as important as knowing how to install it.

We are more than exceptional roofers.

We are great listeners. We will sit down with you and:

  • Hear what your goals are.
  • Evaluate the various roof systems that satisfy your needs.
  • Educate you on options.
  • Provide short-term and long-term operational cost analysis.
  • Collaborate with you from engineering design to construction detailing.
  • Find your complete roofing solution: a smarter, stronger roof.

Some other things you should know about us

  • We have over 15 years in construction with a proven history of safety, customer retention/satisfaction and project management.
  • Our value-engineering skill sets support client business case analysis.
  • Our designations include Professional Engineering (PE) licensure and Registered Roof Consultant.
  • We have Fortune 100 experience, including P&L responsibility.
  • We are highly experienced in government, industrial and light commercial industries.
  • Our compliance is virtually perfect. We have never had an OSHA violation since the company began.

Meet the Team

Scott Coger

President, PE, RRC

With over 15 years of engineering design experience in the government, industrial and light commercial industries, Scott brings a wealth of expertise to his role as president of the company. His engineering design capabilities across a myriad of industries, passion for safety and deep belief in looking after his clients is what sets Roof Technology apart. Scott is known for recycling materials from the old roof wherever possible – saving the client time and money while helping the environment in the process. He’s also one of few roof installers that’s licensed as a certified structural engineer. “I bring my engineering experience to nearly every project,” Scott says. “From the smallest repair to the largest roof, I look for ways to improve the project and create the smartest, strongest roof possible. As a result, we get very few call-backs.” Scott created Roof Technology Partners to offer the industry an end-to-end commercial roofing solutions company, from design and construction on through to maintenance. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from Auburn University as well as an MBA and MS in Structural Engineering from the University of Alabama.

Ryan Gaddy

Business Development Manager

Ryan has a degree in Business Management and is highly adept at estimating projects, project management and field supervision. He’s also a great number-cruncher, is well-versed in economic valuation and is the “metal” expert in the group. “Roof construction is typically less than 5% of the overall project budget,” Ryan says, “but it’s generally considered the most crucial. That’s why I love working at Roof Technology Partners; we all share the same passion for creating roof assemblies that showcase the most effective engineering in the industry. You can see it in our work – and in our growing reputation. Add in Scott’s scientific expertise and that he is truly a man of his word – and you have one heck of a roofing company.”

Matt Brown


Matt found his real home at Roof Technology Partners when he joined in 2014. “I love it here because it’s not about us – it’s all about the client,” says Matt. “That’s pretty rare in the roofing business these days.” Matt sets all the timing and project expectations with each client. He also works closely with the contractor and is a big believer in communicating clearly and effectively. “We have weekly meetings to discuss every aspect of the project,” he says. “Keeping the clients in the loop is indispensable to meeting, and more often, exceeding their expectations. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Angel Reyes


Angel takes the lead on installation and repair projects. He directs the crew, makes sure everyone is following the specs to a “T,” and is always available to discuss the particulars with the project manager or architect. Angel has worked for several large roofing companies, but he’s especially impressed with the quality of work at Roof Technology Partners – and the way the company is run. “It’s a real breath of fresh air and an amazing place to work,” Angel says. “Scott will do whatever is necessary for his team – so that they will do the best work out there.” Clients tend to agree.

Kelley Haynes

Office Manager

Kelley is the glue that makes everything run smoothly at Roof Technology Partners – and clients are very pleased to have her there. “I see running the office as a science in itself,” Kelley says. “It takes a lot of organizational management skills to keep things moving in a streamlined fashion for our clients. Plus, we’re always analyzing data to improve efficiencies and processes.” She’s also responsible for accounting, takes care of all contract documents and even watches over vehicle and fleet compliance.

Bruce Berkenkamp


Bruce joined us in 2017 with nearly forty years of experience in accounting, business and the construction industry. In addition to operating his own homebuilding company for eight years, he has served as an accounting manager and controller for homebuilders and general contractors for more than 30 years. “I love being able to provide timely information to the owner and managers to help keep this fast-paced, growing company on track. They in turn, are able to meet – or exceed – our customers’ expectations.”

Larry Trammell

Service Manager

Larry is a 30-year sales and service veteran in industrial and engineered applications, most recently with a national roofing company rated in the top four by the National Roofing Contractors Association. He came to Roof Technology Partners because he liked what he saw. “I was impressed by their superior engineering and design capabilities and their superior commitment to customer support and satisfaction.”

Erik Morales


Erick started out as a sheet metal mechanic and worked his way up to superintendent. He prides himself on being a fast learner and has excellent communication skills with customers, suppliers and other project participants. “I enjoy my job because I am empowered to deliver the project for our customers – their satisfaction is tangible.”

Kevin Perez


Kevin grew up in a family of roofers and started as a laborer in 2008. He understands the importance of sequencing projects in the right way, and how that impacts the overall project execution.  He’s very responsive to customers’ questions and concerns, and his experiences give him a unique perspective on how to best accomplish the tasks.  He is a subject matter expert on sheet metal flashings and standing seam metal roofs.